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Arthur Flury is a Swiss-based international company with a class-leading position in the design and manufacture of components for electrical connections.
For more than ninety years, the company has built its reputation and success by introducing innovative, precision quality products that fulfil our customers’
requirements. Our factory is ISO9001 approved and in the UK we are LinkUp approved and a member of both the Rail Alliance and Rail Industry Association.

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About Us

Arthur Flury (UK) Ltd was established in 2010 to provide local contact and to support the UK’s rail industry. Our office is located in Milton Keynes, placing us within easy access of all rail centres around the country and our satisfied customers include all of the major participants in the UK tram, light rail and heavy rail market spaces.

Overhead Line Equipment from Arthur Flury is in use throughout more than 40 nations around the globe.

Production techniques within our factory include the specialist cold forming, punching and cutting of copper based alloys into lightweight yet robust connection components.

A modern CAD system assists our engineers in developing new products to meet our customers’ demanding requirements.

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Please click below, to access our online catalogue which details all major product families, from basic clamps through to sophisticated neutral sections. You will also find technical documentation here, including installation instructions.

Meet the UK Team

Paul Culnane
Managing Director

Paul Culnane came to the rail business with a rich pedigree, having successfully run UK operations for overseas manufacturers. With a commercial background encompassing procurement, supply and company secretariat, Paul has also previously been BSI trained as a Lead Auditor. Married with family, he enjoys cycling and has an extensive music collection. In quieter moments, he will admit to supporting Watford FC.

DD: +44 (0)1908 686766
Email: paul.culnane@aflury.co.uk

Helen Rawlinson
Technical Sales Administrator

Helen works closely with Flury's customers to ensure that we present timely and accurate quotations which meet the needs of each project. Orders are then swiftly processed and progressed through the factory to ensure that the customer delivery is in-full and on-time. Before Flury, Helen has worked in technical sales environments. Outside of work, Helen is settled with a partner and she enjoys travelling and spending time with the family. Helen has no interest in football!

DD: +44 (0)1908 686766
Email: helen.rawlinson@aflury.co.uk

Rauscher & Stoecklin/Kaufmann

Arthur Flury UK Ltd complement their product profile by offering the railway switch products from Rauscher & Stoecklin and the rail clamps and OLE protection products from Kaufmann. Both companies are based in Switzerland and have enjoyed lengthy relationships with the Flury international businesses.

Rauscher & Stoecklin

Rauscher & Stoecklin specialise in electrical engineering for the rail industry. Their professional philosophy and experience help ensure top quality products and solutions. In the UK they have an extensive installed base of load break switches and off load isolator switches, plus associated motor drives and operating assemblies. Rauscher & Stoecklin is fully ISO9001 certified and the products supplied are compliant with OLEMI drawings and PADS references.


Arthur Flury supply the Kago bird protection system for OLE equipment from Kaufmann, which effectively reduces the risk of short circuits caused by birds landing on, or taking off from, the catenary system. This solution has been successfully introduced on LNW route and possesses full Network Rail Product Acceptance. We also offer the range of Kago rail clamps, which bite into the rail to ensure perfect electrical contact and with no bolts to work loose, they remain securely in place despite passing traffic. The fast and easy installation or removal of the clamps is a particular design advantage and with correct use, the clamps may also be re-used repeatedly.